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The call for award nominations for the awards to be presented at the 2014 AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly in San Diego, CA has closed.

AAHPM Lifetime Achievement Award
Recognizes outstanding contributions and significant publications that have helped shape the direction of the field of hospice and palliative medicine.

Past Winners

  • 2014: Ira R. Byock, MD FAAHPM
  • 2013: Robert M. Arnold, MD FAAHPM
  • 2012: Russell K. Portenoy, MD
  • 2011: Charles von Gunten, MD PhD FACP FAAHPM
  • 2010: Eduardo Bruera, MD FAAHPM
  • 2009: Diane E. Meier, MD FACP FAAHPM
  • 2008: Robert Twycross, DM FRCP
  • 2007: Rosemary Gibson, MSc
  • 2006: Neil MacDonald, MD
  • 2005: Derek Doyle, MD
  • 2004: Florence Wald, MS RN MN
  • 2003: Kathleen M. Foley, MD
  • 2002: Dame Cicely Saunders, OM DBE FRCP
  • 2001: Balfour M. Mount, MD

Gerald H. Holman AAHPM Distinguished Service Award
Recognizes outstanding and dedicated service to the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. The award will be presented to an individual (or group) that has advanced the mission of the AAHPM in a significant and lasting way.

Past Winners

  • 2014: Chad Kollas, MD FAAHPM FACP FCLM
  • 2013: Daniel Fischberg, MD PhD FAAHPM
  • 2012: Amy P. Abernethy, MD FACP FAAHPM
  • 2011: Charles Sasser, MD FACP FAAHPM
  • 2010: Jean S. Kutner, MD MSPH FAAHPM
  • 2009: James F. Cleary, MD FAChPM
  • 2008: Dale Lupu, PhD
  • 2007: Paul Rousseau, MD FAAHPM
  • 2006: Porter Storey, MD FACP FAAHPM
  • 2005: David Weissman, MD
  • 2004: Charles F. von Gunten, MD PhD FACP FAAHPM
  • 2003: Susan Block, MD FAAHPM
  • 2002: Ira R. Byock, MD FAAHPM
  • 2001: Gerald H. Holman, MD FRCP FAAP and Michael H. Levy, MD PhD

The AAHPM Josefina B. Magno Distinguished Hospice Physician Award

Recognizes a hospice medical director or hospice physician who provides the highest quality services and innovative programs and who demonstrates exemplary dedication to the practice of palliative medicine in a hospice setting.

Past Winners

  • 2014: Ronald J. Crossno, MD FAAFP FAAHPM
  • 2013: Janet H. Bull, MD FAAHPM
  • 2012: Gail Austin Cooney, MD FAAHPM
  • 2011: Chuck Wellman, MD FAAHPM
  • 2010: Barry M. Kinzbrunner, MD FAAHPM
  • 2009: David M. McGrew, MD FAAHPM
  • 2008: Laurel H. Herbst, MD
  • 2007: Perry Fine, MD
  • 2006: Cheryl Arenella, MD MPH
  • 2005: Martha Twaddle, MD FAAHPM

AAHPM Humanities Award
Recognizes person(s) whose work has advanced the relationship between humanities and palliative care, and who have employed the discipline of the humanities to improve end-of-life care through community or professional education. Candidates for the award include poets, artists, musicians, medical educators and others involved in medical humanities in the broadest terms.

Past Winners

  • 2014: Barbara Sourkes, PhD
  • 2013: Balfour M Mount, MD
  • 2012: David Dosa, MD MPH
  • 2011: Atul Gawande, MD MPHMA
  • 2010: Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
  • 2009: Authors of the Last Lecture; Randy Pausch, PhD and Jeffrey Zaslow
  • 2008: Deidre Scherer
  • 2007: Joan Didion
  • 2006: Bill Moyers
  • 2005: Jack Coulehan, MD MPH
  • 2004: Robert Pope
  • 2001: David Barnard, PhD and Sandra I. Bertman, PhD

Award for Excellence in Scientific Research in Palliative Care
Recognizes meaningful, exemplary research contributions to the field of hospice and palliative care. The recipient is expected to present his/her research within the broad context of the field of hospice and palliative care.

Past Winners

  • 2014: Joanne Wolfe, MD MPH FAAHPM
  • 2013: R. Sean Morrison, MD FAAHPM
  • 2012: J. Randall Curtis, MD MPH
  • 2011: Harvey Chochinov, MD PhD FRCPC
  • 2010: Sebastiano Mercadante, MD
  • 2009: Vincent Mor, PhD
  • 2008: Irene Higginson, BMedSci BMBS FFPHM PhD
  • 2007: Betty Ferrell, PhD RN FAAN
  • 2006: James Tulsky, MD FAAHPM
  • 2005: Joan Teno MD MS
  • 2004: Eduardo Bruera, MD FAAHPM

AAHPM Project on Death in America (PDIA) Palliative Medicine National Leadership Award

Recognizes a physician leader who has advanced the field of palliative care by the education of the next generation of palliative care leaders. The award program promotes the visibility and prestige of physicians in both academic and clinical settings who are committed to mentoring future leaders and serving as role models for other health professionals engaged in improving the care of the dying.

Past Winners
  • 2014: Co-creators of GeriPal; Eric Widera, MD & Alexander K. Smith MD MPH MS
  • 2013: Christine S. Ritchie, MD MSPH FAAHPM
  • 2012: Anthony L. Back, MD
  • 2011: Robert Arnold, MD FAAHPM
  • 2010: R. Sean Morrison, MD FAAHPM
  • 2009: Declan Walsh, MSc FACP FRCP (Edin)
  • 2008: Russell K. Portenoy, MD
  • 2007: Diane Meier, MD FACP FAAHPM
  • 2006: Susan Block, MD FAAHPM and J Andrew Billings, MD
AAHPM Project on Death in America (PDIA) Palliative Medicine Community Leadership Award

Recognizes a physician leader who has advanced the field of palliative care in their communities through distinctive mentorship and leadership. This award recognizes physicians in both academic and clinical settings who are committed to mentoring future leaders and serving as role models for other health professionals engaged in improving the care of the dying.

Past Winners

    • 2014: Bruce L. Miller, MD
    • 2013: Scott T. Shreve, DO
    • 2012: Bernard J. Hammes, PhD
    • 2011: Ira Byock, MD FAAHPM
    • 2010: Timothy E. Quill, MD FACP FAAHPM
    • 2009: Pallimed creator and contributers: Thomas E. Quinn, APRN MSN AOCN CHPN; Christian T. Sinclair, MD, FAAHPM, and Drew Rosielle, MD FAAHPM
    • 2008: Terence L. Gutgsell, MD
    • 2007: Ann Allegre, MD FACP FAAHPM

AAHPM Presidential Citation(s)
These award(s) acknowledge individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of hospice and palliative medicine but do not qualify for consideration in other award categories. Recommendations would be made by the President, Board members or leadership, and approved by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee. This recognition would not have to be given each year – only when suitable and exceptional candidates are identified and selected. It would also be limited to a maximum of three recipients (individuals or organizations) in a given year.

Past Winners

  • 2014: Jean Acevedo, LHRM CPC CHC CENTC, Amy J. Berman, MS RN, American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • 2013: Christine K. Cassel, MD, National Palliative Care Research Center (NPCRC), Senator Ronald L. Wyden
  • 2012: Judy Lentz, RN MSN NHA, Myra J. Christopher, The Pain & Policy Studies Group
  • 2011: Senator Sharon Carstairs, Canada, Lynn Hill-Spragens,The American Cancer Society
  • 2010: Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Gail Sheehy, Steve Smith, CAE
  • 2009: Tom Batiuk, Alexis Bakos, Dorothy Moga

AAHPM Early Career Investigator Award
Recognizes a member of AAHPM who is developing as a research leader, showing promise of making contributions to the development of a scientific foundation for practice and research, conducting or facilitating research by others that advances the field of hospice and palliative medicine, has a beginning record of scientific publications, and contributes to the AAHPM community at large. The nominees for this award will not yet have achieved independence as an investigator (ie having R01 level funding, or its equivalent). This award was presented for the first time at the 2014 annual assembly.

  • 2014: Kathleen Unroe, MD MHA 

AAHPM Paper Awards (formerly the AAHPM Awards for Young Investigators)
These awards recognize the top 5% of papers, as determined by the Scientific Subcommittee during the abstract review and scoring process. There will be three award categories: (1) medical student and doctoral candidates (MD, DO or PhD), (2) post degree trainees (fellows and postdoctoral trainee), and (3) junior faculty. You must be an AAHPM member to qualify for this award.

Past Winners

Junior Faculty Category

  • 2013: Sriram Yennurajalingam, MD MS, Rashmi Sharma, MD MHS
  • 2012: Rashmi Sharma, MD MHS, Anne Kinderman, MD
  • 2011: Melissa Carlson, PhD MBA, Julie Childers, MD
  • 2010: Karra Bikson, PhD MSW MA
  • 2009: Renee D. Boss, MD, Nathan Goldstein, MD, Christina Ullrich, MD
  • 2008: Justin N. Baker, MD and Kimberly S. Johnson, MD MHS
  • 2007: VJ Periyakoil, MD, Craig Blinderman, MD MA
  • 2006: Maria Silveira, MD MA MPH, Karl Lorenz, MD MSHS
  • 2005: Parag Bharadwaj, MD

Physician-in-Training Category

  • 2013: Wesam Aziz, MD, Benjamin Getter, D
  • 2012: Huai Cheng, MD
  • 2011: Jessica Merlin, MD MBA
  • 2010: Tarik Hadid, MD
  • 2009: Noel C. Javier, MD
  • 2008: Wael Lasheen
  • 2007: Renee Boss, MD, Katherine Hauser, MD

Student Category

  • 2013: Dio Kavalieratos, PhD BPil
  • 2012: Katherine Freund
  • 2011: Emily Morell, BA
  • 2010: Angelica Davila, MS
  • 2009: Catherine A. Pham
  • 2008: Natalie Jacobowski, MD
  • 2007: Laura Pilar Gelfman, MD
  • 2006: Sean O'Neill


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