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Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Missouri- Kansas City, teaching and practicing general internal medicine and palliative care at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City

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PalliMed reception

The PalliMed/ GeriPal co-sponsored reception last night was a success. As repeatedly and succinctly put by social networking guru Christian Sinclair, the purpose of this event was to meet those with whom we’ve been communicating for the past 12 months, whether by Twitter, List-serve, blog or Facebook. Plus it’s fun! Present were PalliMed contributors and its principals Drew Rosielle and Christian Sinclair. GeriPal’s Alex Smith mingled with the crowd of more than 50 (I arrived late so may have been more earlier) with drinks and hors d’oeuvres that were gone by 9:30 pm. Others from the Social Media presentation were in attendance.

Putting real (vs virtual) faces with names is a luxury in this era of social media, where opinions are rife but the exchange usually one-sided (instead of truly listening one is busy crafting a response) so hope we can use these associations to further our personal and professional life skills.

Thanks for the break.

Hospice medical director course

half way through the Pre-con. Some good nuggets for experienced directors, but most will know most. Q+A great

OK, so everybody’s got to do write a test post

Glad to be going to Vancouver but sure did set me back a bunch of coconuts. Denver will be more affordable for us Midwesterners… I know, I’m not usually gripey