Larry Beresford

Are accumulated job stresses affecting your ability to provide high-quality hospice and palliative medicine to your patients? Do you have strategies for easing or managing the stresses of this work? Given this field’s ongoing workforce challenges, it can’t afford to lose a single practicing hospice and palliative medicine physician to job stress or burnout.

The latest issue of the AAHPM Quarterly explores these issues in terms of their particular impact on hospice and palliative medicine and some of the ways experts recommend for getting a better handle on it. Meeting patients and families as they confront serious, advanced, incurable or terminal illnesses and helping them negotiate the changes these impose in their lives demands significant personal engagement. You put your heart on the line every day, but the careers of many veterans in this field testify to the fact that burnout is not an evitable consequence of that engagement.

We’d like to hear more stories of hospice and palliative medicine physicians’ struggles with job stress and burnout, successful or not. Comment below.