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Hospice is an Integral Component of Palliative Care

I’m excited to be a part of the NHPCO Leadership and Management Conference in Washington, DC among colleagues who are so dedicated to the field of hospice and palliative medicine. I’m energized by the conversations in the hallways and the buzz that’s going on in the educational sessions. However, I was disappointed by the comments in Thursday’s plenary session inferring that modern palliative care has turned its back on hospice. Nothing could be further from the truth. A critical and integral component of palliative care is hospice. Many of us in the field have worked hard to help health care professionals, the public and the media understand that palliative care is appropriate for all persons living with a serious or life-threatening illness and their families. To suggest, otherwise, or to suggest that there are leaders in palliative medicine who want to remove hospice from the continuum of palliative care is inaccurate. As the President of AAHPM, I can say without hesitation that the Academy is committed to ensuring high quality palliative care in all settings – most notably hospice.

R. Sean Morrison, MD FAAHPM
American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

ReachMD Partnership Sounds Like a Success

Have you heard yet that AAHPM has partnered with ReachMD, an innovative communications company, providing thought-provoking medical news and information to healthcare practitioners? More importantly, have you listened?

Established to help increasingly time-constrained medical providers stay abreast of new research, treatment protocols and continuing education requirements, ReachMD delivers innovative and informative radio programming via XM Satellite Radio Channel 160 and online streaming developed by doctors for doctors.

The Perspectives in Palliative Medicine series has been a huge success. With over 650 people downloading shows and others listening at home or in their cars, so many are tuning in to hear about key issues in palliative care. The latest programs,, hosted by AAHPM Executive Vice President Porter Storey, MD, include :

The Challenges to Pain Management in Geriatric Patients – 04/12/2010, with R. Sean Morrison, MD
Religious Issues Affecting End of Life Care – 04/05/2010, with Richard Payne, MD
Palliative Care’s Role in Treatment of the Seriously Ill - 03/29/2010 with Russell K. Portenoy, MD
Warning Shot: How to Deliver Difficult News – 03/22/2010, with Gail Austin Cooney, MD.
We are proud of our members who have done such a wonderful job representing the profession. If you haven’t listened yet, check it out, if you have, share your thoughts with us!

Jen Fuhrman
e-Marketing Manager