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October 15

Impact of hospice disenrollment on healthcare use and Medicare expenditures for patients with cancer.
Carlson MD, Herrin J, Du Q, et al.
Impact of Hospice Disenrollment on Healthcare Use and Medicare Expenditures   Background: 11% to 15% of cancer patients who enroll in hospice eventually disenroll before death.1,2 How do r...

A randomized trial of a telephone care-management strategy.
Wennberg DE, Marr A, Lang L, O'Malley S, Bennett G.
Impact of a Telephone-Based Care-Management Strategy on Costs  Background: Care management that includes decision support reduces medical expenditures.1,2 What effect does a telephone-based care...

An educational intervention for contextualizing patient care and medical students' abilities to probe for contextual issues in simulated patients.
Schwartz A, Weiner SJ, Harris IB, Binns-Calvey A.
 An Educational Intervention for Contextualizing Patient Care Background: Contextual errors are failures to identify elements of a patient's environment or behavior that require consideratio...

Place of death: correlations with quality of life of patients with cancer and predictors of bereaved caregivers' mental health.
Wright AA, Keating NL, Balboni TA, Matulonis UA, Block SD, Prigerson HG.
Place of Death, Quality of Life at End of Life, and Caregiver Mental Health   Background: 36% of cancer patients die in a hospital, and 8% die in an intensive care unit (ICU).1,2 Is place of de...

Effect of a quality-improvement intervention on end-of-life care in the intensive care unit: a randomized trial.
Curtis JR, Nielsen EL, Treece PD, et al.
Effect of a Quality Improvement Intervention on End-of-Life Care Background: Compelling evidence demonstrates inadequate quality of end-of-life (EOL) care in the intensive care unit (ICU), including ...

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