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Scholarship for Physicians in Developing Countries

The Developing Countries Scholarship Fund was established to provide access to quality education for physicians who reside in developing countries to attend the AAHPM and HPNA Annual Assembly in San Diego. This scholarship program will provide financial support (up to $5,000) to physicians to learn the latest clinical information and research updates in hospice and palliative care from leading experts in the field. This scholarship program is intended to facilitate Annual Assembly participation and cover ordinary costs associated with meeting registration, travel-related expenses (air fare, cab fare, meals), and lodging.


Scholarships are available to physicians who care for seriously ill patients and permanently reside and practice in a developing country.  It is our hope that the scholarship recipients will share the knowledge gleaned from the Annual Assembly to improve the palliative care offerings in their home country. Preference will be given to applicants who are
• members of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM).  Free virtual membership is available to physicians who reside in a developing nation as defined by the World Bank as "lower or middle income" & HINARI list of eligible countries
• have not previously attended the Annual Assembly
• are junior in their career, and
• whose organizations are considered least able to afford this opportunity.

Learn how previous scholarship winners have benefitted from attending the Annual Assembly.

"AAHPM 2013 was an amazing conference and i felt honored to meet all leaders in Hospice and Palliative care in the world. I felt like a seed in a fertile soil because it's not about what it is, it's about what it can become." Christian Ntizimira, MD

"I was very impressed by the number of doctors and nurses at the assembly and to listen to their vast experiences in patient care as well as influencing policy in palliative care in the USA. Although the developing countries are not at par with the developed countries, it was interesting to note that we have many similarities and face similar challenges in making palliative care a priority in our health care systems. Learning from our colleagues and friends from the developed countries on how they have been able to address some of the common barriers to hospice and palliative care is important." Zipporah Ali, MD, MPH, Dip. Pall. Care

My attendance of the AAHPM assembly March 2013 in New Orleans.......... helped open my mind to new ways of thinking,helped me generate new ideas of doing things in the unit I work in and helped me see connections I had never seen before. It was truly a life changing experience and a gift not only to me but to my colleagues and patients as well." Esther Cege-Munyoro, MbChB MMed

"New idea to be part of disaster management team. UNIPAC collection is very much helpful" Dinesh Chandra Goswami, MD

"Attending the conference was really a meaningful experience for me in terms of getting a lot of new knowledge and friends / colleagues as well; I now have a feeling of strong support meaning that in case if needed, I and my colleagues can address our new friends who are more experienced in palliative care and get really useful advices..." Mariam Velijanashvili, MD

"I can say I gained remarkable knowledge and experience from the assembly. It was so rewarding and educational. Particularly the opportunity I got to make a presentation at the assembly was my lifetime best experience. This was made possible through the generous support of AAHPM for Developing Countries Scholarship recipients. I believe and hope that I will be able to achieve the goal of delivering optimal palliative care to the needy patients. I also hope that clinicians like me will get similar opportunity." Senbata Abdissa, MD

"...I will recommend this program to other physicians. Program like this provide the opportunity to learn the palliative care and to develop relation and net working with different colleagues around the world." Bishnu Paudel, MD

"I remain eternally grateful to the AAHPM for the initiative to reach out to developing countries through a scholarship. We would have great difficulty attending and sharing at such international meetings. The bridges and networks we build are valuable for the progress of professionals and they open the world up for us who are in the formative stages of a career in Palliative care. Offering membership to the AAHPM means that the recipient stays in touch and with the regular updates and newsletters we receive it means we continue to receive and pass along even long after the Assembly itself ends." Eddie Mwebesa, MMed MB ChB 

See what the 2013 Annual Assembly offered:

Annual Assembly Brochure


Application period opens: August 5, 2013
Deadline for applications: September 30, 2013
Notification of awards: Late December 2013


Submit the completed application along with your uploaded curriculum vitae (limit of 2 pages), and a letter of recommendation or support by September 30, 2013.  Once you have started an application you may save your progress by clicking Save and Continue Survey Later at the top of the page.  You will be required to enter your email address and click Save.  A unique survey link will be emailed to you.  This link must be used to continue your initial application. 

The application will consist of the following questions:

Part One-
First and Last Name
Title and Position
Organization name
Organization website
Type of organization: government, university, private or other
Current address
City and Country
Email address
Are you a member of AAHPM?
Have you previously attended an AAHPM meeting? 
Do you know of an AAHPM member who could serve as your sponsor/on-site host? 
How did you learn about this scholarship?

Part Two- Essay Questions (responses limited to 500 characters):
1. Provide an overview of the organization(s) for which you work (if more than one, provide an overview of each). Content could include: date organization was founded, types of patients, settings of care, how organization is funded, etc.

2. Provide an overview of the work you do (if you work for more than one organization, provide an over of each). Content could include: job title, number of hours at each job each week, types of activities in which you are involved (patient family care, education, research, advocacy, administration), number of new patients seen each year, types of patients you treat (patients with AIDS, cancer, the elderly, etc.), types of educational programs in which you are involved, etc.

3. Describe why you are attracted to work in hospice and palliative care.

4. Describe how your attendance at the Annual Assembly will benefit you and the work you do.

5. Describe how you will share what you learn at the Annual Assembly with other colleagues in your community, region or country.

Scholarship recipients will be asked to participate in a discussion forum during the Annual Assembly sharing the practice of hospice and palliative medicine in their country and will also be required to submit a written report describing how their attendance at the Annual Assembly benefited their work. Scholarship recipients will be required to secure their own Visa.  Applicants will receive notification from the AAHPM office confirming their application has been received. 

The application period has closed. 

Contact Jen Bose at 847.375.3688 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   with any questions.