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Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

The official journal of AAHPM, this monthly international peer-reviewed journal provides new research and clinical information related to palliative care and pain management. AAHPM members Dr. Russell K. Portenoy serves as editor-in-chief, Dr. David Casarett serves as senior associate editor and Drs. Stefan J. Friedrischdorf, Coritza Grudzen and Maria J. Silveira serve as associate editors. The following members serve on the JPSM editorial board: Drs. Brian Cassel, Sydney Dy, Chris Feudtner, Muriel Gillick, Chad Kollas, Solomon Liao, Paul Rousseau, Joe Shega, Jay Thomas and Martha Twaddle.


JPSM currently is available via mobile devices:

  • For Members and individual subscribers via Elsevier's HealthAdvance app. For SmartPhones, users would need to download the app via the Google Android Operating System (via the Android Apps MarketPlace), Apple I-Phone (via the ITunes store), or the Blackberry SmartPhone App. Features include: 1) Ability to set JPSM as the preferred journal; 2) access to a JPSM-branded ToC and abstracts; 3) ability to log-in to access full-text articles (or gain access to content via "trusted proxy server"). Additional functionality includes e-commerce capabilities, usage reporting, and advertising. Users just need to download the app and bookmark JPSM as their preferred journal. An app will be available via iPad later this year.
  • For institutional users, JPSM is also currently available via a ScienceDirect app that is now accessible via both iPhone and iPad.
  • We are currently working on a journal-dedicated app for JPSM, which is expected to roll-out in 2013.



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