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UNIPAC Self-Study Program, 4th Edition

The foundation of hospice and palliative medicine knowledge has been fortified.

The 4th edition of the UNIPAC series is the best ever. Every volume is updated, expanded, and some are completely rewritten. The material is succinctly presented, evidence based, and very practical. This edition's authors are some of the most noted in the field.—C. Porter Storey, Jr., MD FACP FAAHPM, Series Editor

This ever popular, comprehensive study program provides a critical foundation for healthcare providers who want to incorporate the principles of hospice and palliative medicine into their daily practice. For this fourth edition, each volume was thoroughly reviewed and updated by experts in the field to include the latest evidence and best practice in the field.

UNIPAC series now available for your mobile device. Learn more.

UNIPAC amplifireTM modules– AAHPM designates each amplifire™ module (enduring material) for a maximum of 4 AMA PRA Category 1TMCredits. Each physician should claim only those credits commensurate to the time that he or she actually spent on the activities.

(A maximum total of 36 credits are available.)


Purchase the books, the modules or both. CME is only available with the UNIPAC amplifireTM modules.

UNIPAC 1 The Hospice and Palliative Care Approach to Serious Illness
Sydney Dy, MD MSc, and Marian Grant, DNP CRNP ACHPN

UNIPAC 2 Alleviating Psychological and Spiritual Pain
Scott Irwin, MD PhD, Nathan Fairman, MD MPH, and Lori Montross, PhD

UNIPAC 3 Assessing and Treating Pain
Sharon Weinstein, MD FAAHPM, Russel K. Portenoy, MD, and Sarah E. Harrington, MD

UNIPAC 4 Managing Nonpain Symptoms
Rodney Tucker, MD MMM FAAHPM, and Ashley Nichols, MD

UNIPAC 5 Communication and the Interdisciplinary Team
Gordon J. Wood, MD, and Toby C. Campbell, MD

UNIPAC 6 Ethical and Legal Dimensions of Care
Ryan R. Nash, MD MA, and Leonard J. Nelson, III, JD LLM

UNIPAC 7 Caring for Patients with HIV/AIDS
Vincent J. Vanson, MD FAAHPM, and Shubhra M. Shetty, MD

UNIPAC 8 Caring for Pediatric Patients
Sarah Friebert, MD FAAP FAAHPM, Kimberly A. Bower, MD, and Britni Lookabaugh, MD

UNIPAC 9 Caring for Patients with Chronic Illnesses: Dementia, COPD, and CHF
Joseph W. Shega, MD, and Stacie K. Levine, MD